• Keeping Your Hotel Smoke-Free
  • Offering All Guests a Pleasant Stay
  • without Passive Smoking
  • Reducing Risk of Fire
  • Modular and Movable Freestanding Units


A System of Flexible Smoking Cabins and Lounge Units Keeping Your Hotel Smoke-Free and Guests Happy

Flexibility and Design

Hotels and resorts that have implemented modern and flexible solutions for indoor/outdoor smoking while keeping the main areas completely smoke-free, will make all guests feel at home – smokers as well as non-smokers.

It is not sufficient to have smoking rooms connected to ordinary ventilation as the gases from tobacco smoke will find their way out. Our certified filtering system guarantees a healthy, fresh and smoke-free environment.

We offer freestanding smoking cabins with sleek fire- and odour proof ashtrays and customized air purifying filtering systems for smoking rooms. Hotels can reduce damage to carpets and furniture and limit cleaning costs. We furthermore offer cabin solutions for outdoor use as well as general-purpose, mobile air-purifiers.


The Many Challenges and Their Effective and User Friendly Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

Not having well-planned indoor smoking areas poses challenges for both guests and hotels. Such easily avoidable challenges affect all concerned negatively.

Our freestanding smoke cabins and smoking room units offer an effective solution to these challenges ensuring a positive experience for guests as well as hotels.

Typical ChallengesEffective Solutions
AN UNCLEAN, STALE ATMOSPHERE: A poorly ventilated hotel ruins the fresh atmosphere and leads to unhappy guests. This is not only about tobacco smoke. The indoor decoration of most hotels with carpets, bed-linen and heavy furniture is a regular invitation to an unhealthy airborne cocktail of dust, dirt and unpleasant odour.A CLEAN, FRESH ATMOSPHERE: Not only is effective ventilation a major point of importance for guests, it also ensures healthier conditions for hotel employees. Less dirt and dust particles don’t settle so easily in carpets and furniture reducing time needed for cleaning and maintenance service.
FALSE ALARMS: Unauthorised smoking in areas not designated for smoking can trigger fire alarms in extreme cases resulting in stressful evacuations.FIRE SAFETY: Unnecessary, false fire alarms are avoided. Our ashtray systems are fireproof.
POLLUTED ENTRANCES AND OUTDOOR AREAS: Polluted, smelly and crowded entrance areas as well as second-hand smoke for non-smokers give a bad impression.CLEAN, ATTRACTIVE ENTRANCE AND OUTDOOR AREAS: Being met by a clean entrance makes guests feel welcome and appreciated.
FEWER REPEAT GUESTS: A common factor for repeated visits to a hotel is cleanliness as well as accommodation for all guests – smokers and non-smokers the like. Being forced outside to smoke is an unnecessary and easily avoided annoyance.MORE RETURNING GUESTS: With indoor smoking cabins smokers feel accommodated as they are not forced outside to smoke. At the same time non-smokers will enjoy the clean, smoke-free air.
BAD RATINGS HURT THE IMAGE: Bad ratings on travel forums are bad for the image and can result in a loss of guests.

HIGHER RANKING AND A BETTER IMAGE: Good solutions for smokers while keeping the hotel smoke-free always result in good ratings on travel forums enhancing the overall hotel image.