About Us

Smoke Solution India has been the sole distributor for Smoke Solution, Aps Denmark for the territory of India as well as the Indian Sub-Continent since 2009. The company has been providing Air Purification systems as well as Smoking Cabins to various business segments such as Airports, Hospitality as well as the Corporate sector etc.

The company engages with organizations such as ISHRAE as well as with reputed engineers and consultants in the field of Indoor Air Purification.

· Member of ISHRAE, IGBC etc.

· Management team has extensive experience in the field of HVAC, Architecture, and Interior Design.

· Extensive Network of technical personnel for installation and to provide pan India service.

· Active engagement with industry bodies as well as HVAC Consultants to help customers find the optimum solutions for maintaining smoke and odour free environment.

· Over 200 + successful installation completed across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

· Customized Solutions for specific applications and room sizes.

Smoke Solution India offers personalized service to its customers, understanding their concerns and problems and seeking optimum solutions that meet their needs. Satisfied and loyal customers are our best asset and a source of deep satisfaction.