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Q. How is Smoke Point so efficient in cleaning 99.99% of air impurities?
A. Smoke Point consists of 3 different filters namely, a Pre-Filter which is also called a Particle Filter, a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter and an activated Carbon Filter.
• The Pre-Filter takes away all the particles from the air (dust etc.).
• The HEPA Filter takes away all the Tar & Nicotine from the air.
• The Carbon Filter completely takes away all the smell and gases from the air.
After passing these 3 filters, the clean air (99.99% clean air) is re-circulated.
This clean air is cleaner than the normal air we breathe.

Q. Is Smoke Point easy to install and does it require tedious ducting?
A. Smoke Point is extremely easy to install. Its installation time is between 1 to 2 hours (max) and its only requirement is a normal power outlet.
No, it does not require tedious ducting as the ashtray, ceiling lights and filters are in-built in the Smoke Point.

Q. What is the Smoke Point made of and is it easy to clean?
A. In addition to being a smoking cabin, Smoke Point is a beautiful example of Danish design. It is made of Glass, Stainless Steel & Wood and it also houses a small computer inside its structure.
Yes, Smoke Point is very easy to clean. You can clean it the way you clean your regular glass, steel and wood furniture.

Q. Is the ashtray in-built? If yes, then what is the ashtray’s capacity?
A. Yes, Smoke Point houses a big fireproof ashtray made of stainless steel. The capacity of this ashtray is an astounding 3500 cigarette butts (max).

Q. Does Smoke Point come in different sizes?
A. Yes, Smoke Point is very flexible and can be customised as per your requirement.

Q. Are the filters changed regularly?
A. The Pre-Filter, the HEPA Filter & the Carbon Filter are changed according to different usage of Smoke Point. For eg. In Bronze Level*, the Pre-Filter is changed 4 times in a year, the HEPA Filter once in every two years and the Carbon Filter only once a year.

Q. What about warranty and after sales service?
A. We, S.N. Global, are the exclusive distributors of Smoke Solution Aps in India and would be providing 1 year warranty and after sales service for it.

Q. Is the company that manufactures Smoke Point ISO certified?
A. Smoke Solution Aps is the company that manufactures Smoke Point and it is ISO 9001 certified.

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